What does the Verified by Ivy+ badge mean?

Verified by Ivy+

Verified by Ivy+ is a feature that allows clients to enter personal details and upload a government-issued ID for verification. Admins will try to match the details entered with the ID, and if there is a match, the detail will be considered verified and receive a “Verified by Ivy+” badge next to it. Escorts can be confident that the information they receive is accurate and verified to the best of Ivy+'s ability. Fields without the badge mean they are not verified and could potentially be wrong or fake.

Social media details are not able to be verified by Ivy+ and are considered extra social validators.

It is important to note that while screenings can be a useful tool, escorts should still do their own due diligence and use their own judgment when deciding to accept bookings.


While we make our best effort to ensure that the client details provided on our platform are verified, we cannot guarantee their accuracy or authenticity. The responsibility to confirm the verification still lies solely with the consumer. Therefore, we deny all responsibility for any fraudulent activity or inaccuracy in the information provided.

The screening document created by the client is not an official or legal document and is provided only as a reference. It is not intended to replace the due diligence required by the consumer in their field, where client verification is important for safety purposes. Therefore, the consumer must conduct their own due diligence and satisfy themselves with the information provided.

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