How to use Elite Advertising Features

This package allows you to:

Select video as your thumbnail

To create a video thumbnail. We have noticed an increase in profile views when a video thumbnail has been used.

  1. Sign into your profile

  2. Click photos

  3. Upload the video into the “profile images” album and save

  4. Click “reorder” and move the video to the very start of the album and save
    Once the video has been approved by admin your new video thumbnail will be displayed on Ivy.

Display your profile in 5 permanent cities

To display your profile in 5 permanent cities:

  1. Sign into your profile

  2. Click cities

  3. Your account will now allow you to select up to 5 permanent cities

(when using spotlight credits to boost your profile, you will be boosted in all 5 cities you have selected).

Create 2 custom profile image galleries

To create custom image galleries:

  1. Sign into your profile

  2. Click photos

  3. Scroll to bottom and click “add new album”

  4. Create album name, click public and click add to save the album

  5. Now you are able to upload images to this new album and will be displayed on your profile

Example albums: holiday pictures, pet albums, photos of your hobbies or a service you wish to promote like dinner dates or home cooking.

Guaranteed social media promotion through our twitter and instagram accounts

We will promote you and your Ivy profile on twitter and instagram stories. Please let us know if you do not wish to be promoted.

10 Free Spotlight Credits

Your profile will automatically be loaded with 10 free spotlight credits. The Spotlight feature gives you more visibility on Ivy Société. Your profile will appear in the Spotlight section in all your active cities, and touring cities.

To activate:

  1. Sign into your profile

  2. Click Spotlight in the menu

  3. Click ‘activate spotlight’ button

Note you can activate multiple credits at once to boost your profile for multiple days. 1 credit = 24 hours.

To purchase additional spotlight credits, click here.

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