How to get Verified by Ivy+

Verified by Ivy+ is a new feature that allows clients to enter their personal details and get them verified by the Ivy+ admin team. Once their details have been verified, clients can create screenings that they can share with escorts that request them. Escorts request client screening information for their safety. Instead of sharing personal documents with each escort, clients can create screenings and share them instead.

You can read about creating a screening or see what a screening looks like here.

Getting Started:

To get started with Verified by Ivy+, clients need to fill out their details. These fields include their name, address, date of birth, phone number, social media, and photos. All fields are optional. They also need to upload a government-issued ID for verification. Once all the details have been filled out, clients can submit their details for verification.

Verification Process:

After submitting their details, Ivy+ administration team will try to match the information they entered with their verification document (government ID). If the information matches, that detail will be considered verified and receive a “Verified by Ivy+” badge. Photos can also be verified by matching with the photo on their government ID or by the photo they’ve uploaded holding their ID. Social media details are NOT able to be verified by Ivy+ and are just extra social validators. The client’s phone number is verified by an SMS verification code.

Updating Details:

If a client updates a field that has already been verified, that field will lose its verification badge and they will have to resubmit their details for verification. Clients can resubmit details for re-verification after a submission has been processed.


All client information is stored safely on Ivy+ servers and can only be viewed by the client and those they choose to share it with. The client’s verification document is also encrypted and stored securely to ensure maximum security.

Creating Screenings:

Once their details have been verified, clients can create screenings which they can then share with escorts that may request them. Clients can specify exactly what they would like to share in a screening, for example only their name and references, or only their photos. Escorts can then be confident that the information they have received is correct and has been verified to the best of Ivy+'s ability.

Verified by Ivy+ provides a secure and reliable way for clients to get their personal details verified and create screenings that can be shared with potential escorts. By using this feature, clients can protect their sensitive information while providing escorts with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their safety.


early adopter and confident this will be a great benefit to all

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While this is a good initiative that might suit some, I won’t be recommending my clients upload their ID to any website because I wouldn’t do the same. I deleted my SB due to data privacy concerns with ID verification.
I would recommend this to my clients if only phone number and first name was required for a positive reference.


I forsee some concerning downfalls of this feature that can potentially impact the Industry as a whole and does not directly help SWers. This is a gimmick for the clients only.

  1. Some workers may not understand that this process does not vet dangerous/undesirable/timewasting clients out - anyone can get the verified badge should they provide the required information.

  2. There is no resource for the validity of the government ID to be checked.

  3. In the event that a worker was harmed or needed to identifiy a client that is an Ivy badge holder, I doubt Ivy would provide this information. This is harmful as it portrays an unrealistic false safety net to the worker.

  4. There are strict Privacy, data collection and storing of personal data legislation in Australia.

In closing; the resources that Ivy Society has put into developing this new feature for clients, the timing of its release (SB data/privacy debacle), and the ongoing resource require to effectively maintain this, could and should be directed to supporting us Sex Workers. Is this what we are paying for? How about improving Ivy Societe SEO performance, attending to implementing some of the suggested fine tuning functionality of the platform?

It’s a hard NO from me…


Hey Chloe,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. Our intention is not to replace existing client screening methods, but rather to enhance and give additional options to current practices. Our intention is definitely not to offer a gimmick or cater exclusively to clients.

It’s important to acknowledge that no feature can satisfy the preferences of all users. We have received positive feedback from advertisers who appreciate the new feature, while others, including yourself, have voiced their concerns.

When verified information is provided via a URL, we provide a link to a client lookup and offer a disclaimer, emphasizing the need for users to conduct further verification.
Also, as stated in our privacy policy, if requested officially by the police, we will provide information.

Please note that we have a dedicated team working on SEO and another specialist actively developing new features for the website. While we may not promote all the new features we are working on (and have recently launched), we have made significant improvements recently to enhance our SEO ranking. There is a lot happening behind the scenes, and we want to assure you that SEO is our top priority.

Everyone has their own opinions, needs, and preferences. Therefore, it is natural that not all users will love every feature.


hi Ivy team, just a note to advise from personal experience using this feature and arranging a couple of dates all i can say is well done on this positive initiative :clap: :clap: :grinning:


I believe it’s not Ivy’s (or any of our advertising platforms) responsibility to vet our clients.

The feature is intended to help client screening be smoother - not to relieve each of us of our personal responsibilities of running our individual businesses.

The feature makes it more likely for a client to get verified because they are only sharing their private info with the site - not every escort they see.

If I was a client - I wouldn’t want every escort having my details since there are just as many shady escorts as there are shady clients.

Again - self responsibility for our safety, money, success, client screening, payment systems and using COMMON SENSE/INTUITION about potential clients are all part of our role as business owners.

If we can’t take responsibility for our own safety and make wise choices when it comes to our business decisions, we shouldn’t be in this business.


Hey Megan,

Exactly, we do not intend to replace current client screening methods; rather, our goal is to enhance them by offering additional options. When verified information is provided via a URL, we provide the client lookup link and provide a disclaimer, stressing the importance of users conducting further verification.

We are currently working on adding extra features to Ivy+ with one main goal: to help our advertisers’ businesses succeed. These new enhancements aim to streamline the booking process and minimize interactions with time-wasters.

We are developing features that will make Ivy Societe stand out among other directories, giving us a competitive edge. By doing so, we aim to attract new clients who are currently using different platforms, which will ultimately benefit our advertisers.


I feel quite comfortable providing my first name, but I’m not sure this would really be of any use to providers, apart from those who already know me.