How to create a wishlist

Boost Your Escort Business with Prezz’s Tailored Wishlists

Prezz offers an innovative way for creating a wishlist with an emphasis on privacy and inclusivity. It offers practical solutions for your escort business. Here’s why integrating it can be beneficial for you:

Extra Income: By setting up a wishlist on Prezz, you’re introducing a new way to earn. Clients can choose to buy items from your list, and the money goes straight to you.

Alternative Deposit Method: While direct payment processing platforms may have restrictions regarding adult content, using Prezz’s wishlist system provides an indirect method for clients to place deposits. It offers a workaround that’s both discreet and efficient.

To get started:

  1. Click on the Wishlist menu item

  2. Press the Connect or Login to Prezz button: If you have not connected to Prezz before, it will automatically create a new account for you and connect it to your Ivy Societe profile. If you have, it will log you in. The only information shared with Prezz is your name and email.

  3. Create/Complete Your Prezz Profile: Update your Prezz profile information. Add a brief description about yourself, upload a profile and background image, and set your currency.

  4. Verify Your Banking Details with Stripe: To receive payments from Stripe, you are required to verify your banking information. After successful verification, your wishlist will become live. No verification information is shared with Prezz or Ivy Societe. For more information about stripe’s verification: Managing your ID verification information : Stripe: Help & Support

  5. Create Gifts on Your Wishlist: Use Prezz’s AI to help your create gift suggestions or manually add an item: Simply click on ‘Add New Item’ and fill in the details. Or provide a link: If you have a link to the item you wish to add, Prezz can try to auto-fill the details for you. Your wishlist items will automatically be featured on your Ivy Societe profile and include an option for clients to send you surprise gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Is my information on Prezz private?
    Absolutely. Prezz places a high emphasis on privacy. Ivy Societe only shares your name and email with Prezz. When someone fulfills a gift, your identity remains hidden, and only the information you choose to display on your wishlist is visible.
  • How does Stripe’s bank verification work?
    Stripe may require some personal information to verify your banking details. This process ensures secure and timely payouts. The exact details and process can differ based on your region. None of this information is shared with Prezz or Ivy Societe
  • How do I receive my payments and how often?
    Upon the purchase of a gift from your wishlist, you’ll receive 100% of the payout equivalent to the price of the item through Stripe. Payouts occur daily.
  • Can I share my wishlist outside of Ivy Societe or Prezz?
    Of course! Prezz offers shareable links that can be embedded or shared across social media platforms or directly with clients.
  • What’s the advantage of using Prezz over other platforms?
    Unlike other platforms where gifts are sent physically, Prezz offers cash equivalents, allowing you the flexibility to use the funds however you see fit.
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